Mobile Media Blasting

Mobile Media Blasting

Media Blasting

This is more commonly known as sandblasting. The process uses abrasive media to remove paint, buildup or rust on a variety of surfaces from tile and stone to different types of metals. It's a much quicker process, and with our dustless unit we can minimize the dust while working.

Mobile Services

While we are located in Denton, our mobile unit allows us to cover a large area from North Texas to lower regions of Oklahoma. We offer free quotes and competitive rates.

Precision and Care

Some jobs can be a delicate process. Examples include body panels on vehicles or pool tiles. Both require different types of media and careful preparation. It always comes down to surface preparation. If you're looking to remove that surface so you can get that fresh clean look or prep for a paint job, then you can count on us to help.

What can be Blasted?

Home Improvement

We can help with your home improvement needs such as removing paint from brick, stone, and wood. We can also clean drive ways, sidewalks, or pools that have build up.

Automotive & Equipment

Rumors are that cars can't be blasted due to warping which is false. Just like any profession, knowing how to do it right is key. We work with body shops frequently and have had no issues on removing top surfaces to get a fresh start on any project that needs to be prepped. Tractor equipment gets used and often needs rust or paint removed as well. It may run like a champ but usage can be rough. So if you need an entire unit or just a section prepped, we can help clean up your gear.

Parking Lots & Courts

Concrete is used for several foundations of which we can provide stripping of any surface layer from parking lot striping and staining. We also remove court surface and provide etching that allows for the application of new coats on tennis and basketball courts. This is especially useful when there is surface lifting and water retention that speeds up deterioration on the court.


No one likes being tagged by graffiti and drawing a sore eye to their business, home or community. With dry or wet blasting, the graffiti can be removed quickly and with little effort.