Maintain Your Parts With Ceramic Coatings

Take advantage of our ceramic coating services in Denton, TX

Parts are expensive-you should do all you can to keep them in excellent condition. You can turn to the professionals at Premier Coatings for help. We can apply a ceramic coating in Denton, TX to increase your parts' life spans.

You can count on our high temp ceramic coatings to allow your parts to keep a clean finish. Our coatings work well on tractors, cars, planes and guns. We even provide a one-year warranty on our coatings.

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Check out our coating process

Check out our coating process

We follow a thorough coating process to ensure quality results. Our team will:

  • Media blasted with clean media.
  • Chemical rinse with high pressure spray off.
  • Hot bake to burn off all contamination that is absorbed into the metal.
  • Complete cool down along with final air spray off.
  • Ceramic / Cerakote application.
  • Final step is Air or Oven cured.

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